SQL Project based on Udemy courses dataset. Data Exploration

This project uses SQL to query data from a dataset of courses on Udemy. 

The first part of the code includes a script that selects data from the Udemy table in the database. Several SQL queries are then performed to answer various questions about the dataset. These queries use different SQL syntaxes such as SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY, and TOP.

The second part of the code creates two new tables called course_info and course_price using the CREATE TABLE syntax. Data is then inserted into these tables using the INSERT INTO syntax.

The final part of the code uses the JOIN syntax to combine data from the course_info and course_price tables. Two SQL queries are performed using JOIN to answer different questions about the dataset.

SQL Project based on Udemy Courses Dataset. Objective: Data Cleaning

Queries used:

Tableau Project based on Netflix dataset

Python Project: Password Generator

MS Excel Project

In my recent MS Excel project, I worked with a large data set to clean and transform it, and create meaningful visualizations to gain insights and support decision-making. 

To begin, I used a combination of formulas and tools to clean and structure the data. I removed duplicates, corrected spelling errors. I also used the "IF" function to categorize data based on certain criteria and remove any unwanted data.

Next, I created visualizations using pivot tables to analyse the cleaned data. I used pivot tables to summarize data, calculate averages, and compare different data sets. I also created pivot charts to make the visualizations more engaging and easier to understand.

Throughout the project, I paid close attention to detail and accuracy, ensuring that the data was organized in a clear and concise manner, and the visualizations were easy to interpret. By doing so, I was able to provide meaningful insights and recommendations to stakeholders, enabling them to make informed decisions based on the data.

Overall, this MS Excel project demonstrates my ability to work with large data sets, clean and structure data using a variety of tools and formulas, and create engaging visualizations to communicate insights effectively.